Today in Bitcoin (2018-03-28) – Is the Death Cross a Bear Trap? – Quebec Bitcoin Mining

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‎7969.11 USD / BTC – Average United States Dollar Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin is nearing a ‘death cross’ on the charts. Here’s what it means

Why Bitcoin’s ‘Death Cross’ May Be a Bear Trap – CoinDesk

Wall Street analyst makes an evidence-based case for holding (or ‘HODLing’) bitcoin for long term

Bitcoin Cash Bull Failures Could See Traders Move to Bitcoin – CoinDesk

Hydro-Quebec Strikes Measured Approach To Bitcoin Mining

Hydro-Quebec Strikes Measured Approach To Bitcoin Mining

Reddit No Longer Accepts Bitcoin | Fortune

Coinbase Commerce

Bitcoin Can’t Take a Bite Out of Visa, Mastercard – Barron’s

Bitcoin’s High Mining Cost Means It Cannot Become Global Currency: FT Analysis | Investopedia

Dominic Gates on Twitter: “BREAKING: Boeing hit by the Wannacry computer virus. “ It is metastasizing rapidly out of North Charleston” 777 assembly tools may have gone down. Concern it may “spread to airplane software.” “We are on a call with just about every VP in Boeing””

The World Crypto Network [#Bitcoin] on Twitter: “Noded…Now available as part of the World Crypto Network Podcast iTunes stream. @NodedPodcast @pierre_rochard @bitstein…”

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Pamela Morgan on Twitter: “Both the Kindle & Paperback versions of the book are now available for pre-order on Amazon!”

TheFuzzStone on Twitter: “Today #27_march is Ross Ulbricht’s fifth birthday spent in prison. He believes in #freedom, but lost his own… Happy birthday man! #FreeRoss @Free_Ross #bitcoin #blockchain #libertarian #SilkRoad…”

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