Mario Gabelli Shares Top Picks with Barron’s October, 2016

Mario Gabelli Shares Top Picks with Barron’s October, 2016

The veteran value investor makes the case that Sony and MSG are undervalued, plus two stocks that win under either Trump or Clinton.

Originally published by Barron’s on 10/25/2016

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I … Mario Gabelli … stock picks us enough mantra right there I’m area let’s talk about for stocks to like and I was start … with Sony … the last I looked at Sony I remember … whatever comes in announcing … good Lord these are these folks spend a lot of money on research development all kinds of a massive amounts if anything the was a much bigger company and as I thought aha … slow spending to bring down a lot more profits for the future … forty you like about signing … well first the … talk of entertainment … which kept the five billion even as entertained with this company … I like to refer to Bob Dylan and getting a Nobel Prize with … the same … in all things are changing … and of … on the content of any other his songs but that … didn’t send her some help ball wide entertaining no matter what device you see some things on no matter what … the millennials one of watch things on … they go to concerts live entertainment with its formula one women’s basketball … whether it’s baseball when it soccer like man United … those things are going to be fixed or are popping out Sony would one point three billion shares at eight thirty three dollars by keeping forty billion dollars I just had to be our bit … ahead said … for two realities system put on the pool watched a certain country look PlayStation … ideas can be a hot new product that would make several years … of whether it comes in from … other competitors of will be their Facebook is God … I believe that the call Oculus but the names of change in pay and … so I like the entertainment portion I like that the doing in Japan in terms of restructuring … there are some barriers to reducing and employment in that but they also have sensors on cars and … I think over the next twelve months is a pretty interesting stuff ok tell me about core this is a Hertz equipment rental company twenty oh what a good question of basically what I like is that either Hillary Donald it away … and they got a push infrastructure spending we of a real problem in this country forty percent of our fiber thousand plus bridges agreed to buy these engineers … has … a D minus … we have roads of the telegram avionics in airports … so in clear blue analysts we’re going to get an aerial … work platforms we get a piece of equipment like a light or heat or something like that … you rented from three or four companies … that are public and they only have ten percent share of the of the market … United Rentals a seven percent the company an England call I stayed … at a a a six is a symbol has four percent Hurt has about three … Turkey is a spinoff from Hertz rental car company within recently in the last six months … this twenty eight million shares the stock is selling thirty it’s an early stage will turn around … for example for example thirty” .. cut short

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